Pearce Goes Wobbly on the Leith Overpass

08 December 2021

The media statement issued by Gavin Pearce stating that there is no Federal Government money invested in the proposed Leith overpass project is in direct contradiction to the comments he made to Leith residents earlier this year that he had secured $10million toward the project.
His statement also cuts across comments by former Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Jeremy Rockliff that $8m in funding would be sought from the Federal government.
It appears that Mr Pearce is now running a mile from this controversial project.

Senator Anne Urquhart said:
“I can understand Mr Pearce running a mile from this project which has been so monumentally bungled by the state government.
“I have expressed my deep reservations about any federal money being spent on a supposed “solution” that alienates and enrages local residents and deprives them of their homes and the peaceful enjoyment of their properties.
“I welcome Mr Pearce’s backflip on support for the project.
“Mr Pearce appears to be doing whatever he can to distance himself from the state government on this project, having previously told residents he had secured some funding for it.
“It also begs the question, what happened to the $10 million he said he had secured for the Leith overpass?”