By Senator Anne Urquhart

29 July 2023

The Greens and the Liberals have blocked Labor's Housing Affordability Future Fund and it's costing people the chance of a home.

Having somewhere to call home is something every Tasmanian should be able to do.

Sadly, after nearly a decade of indifference and neglect by the previous Liberal government, far too many Tasmanians are finding themselves without the certainty and security of decent housing.

That's why the Albanese Labor government has proposed the biggest investment in new social and affordable housing in more than a decade through the creation of a $10 billion Housing Australia Future Fund (HAFF).

Sadly, for those Tasmanians who are searching for somewhere they can call home, the HAFF has been blocked in parliament by the Greens, who have teamed up with the Liberals to deny passage of the legislation required to make it a reality.

The shameful action of the Greens and the Liberals has blocked progress on the delivery of 30,000 desperately needed homes across Australia.

Labor has consulted with numerous stakeholders, including housing experts, community housing providers, housing ministers from across the country, and numerous crossbenchers across the parliament to create the HAFF.

The housing challenge in Australia is a complex one, requiring a concerted and considered response across governments, industry, service providers and communities.

The government understands this. We are committed to making sure more Australians have a safe, affordable place to call home. But it's important we secure an ongoing pipeline of funding for affordable rental housing.

Simply digging your heels in and demanding that the government spend seven times what it has committed to the HAFF, as the Greens are doing, is not a serious attempt to assist in addressing the housing crisis.

It's the classic wish list politics from the Greens, who are quite prepared to delay the HAFF at a cost of $1.3 million a day less being spent on affordable homes.

The government is committed to improving the lives of working Australians and their families. Creating an enduring housing policy that will deliver affordable homes to those who need them is vital.

As people continue to languish on public housing waiting lists, and organisations who are working hard to help them continue to battle to offer support, they can thank the Greens for tag-teaming with the Liberals to make the dream of a place to call home harder to achieve.

The Advocate - Saturday, 29th July, 2023