Labor committed to Listening to Braddon

06 June 2022

Opinion - Advocate Newspaper  

On May 21st the people of Australia voted for change and elected a Labor Government.
Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is committed to more civility and greater accountability in politics. He has said "I want to find that common ground where together we can plant our dreams. To unite around our shared love of this country, our shared faith in Australia's future, our shared values of fairness and opportunity, and hard work and kindness to those in need.” I am proud to be part of a government that is working to achieve these objectives.
Labor is ready to govern and has already started work on implementing our election promises.
The Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister, Penny Wong, have taken early steps to re-engage with our neighbours in the Indo-Pacific. This positive engagement is vital for the security of our country and our region.
As an early priority Labor will establish an independent National Anti-Corruption Commission to restore confidence in the way Australia is governed. We will ensure that anyone engaging in corrupt conduct is held to account. 
We will also take immediate steps to strengthen Medicare. We will restore telehealth psychiatric consultations to the electorate of Braddon, and we will update Australia’s Newborn Screening Program so that every newborn has access world’s best practice screening.
And we will take real action on climate change by cutting emissions by 43 per cent by 2030. Australia will lead by example in addressing climate change and in our support for renewable energy.
Anthony Albanese has said to all Australians that "No matter how you voted today, the government I lead will respect every one of you every day.”
It is clear from the Tasmanian election result that Labor must listen more closely to the people of North and North-West Tasmania and the West Coast. I will do my very best to restore your confidence in Labor’s leadership on the issues that are important to you.
I am proud to serve as the Chief Government Whip in the Senate. Many years ago as I walked through the factory gates in Ulverstone to commence afternoon shift on the production line, I never dreamed I would have this opportunity. You have my commitment that I will continue to work hard every day to represent the people of Braddon.