Gavin Pearce's Silence On Cashless Debit Card "Deafening"

03 December 2020

The Liberal Member for Braddon, Gavin Pearce has been deafeningly silent regarding the Government’s cashless debit card bill currently before the House of Representatives.

Mr Pearce’s Tasmanian colleague, the Liberal Member for Bass, Bridget Archer, spoke against the bill in the House of Representatives on Wednesday night but says she won’t vote against it.

Bridget Archer says the cashless card is causing ‘damage’ and ‘stigma’ to participants and is ‘punitive’ and ‘intrusive’.

She says she’s heard from ‘distressed people’, including pensioners, who are anxious about the roll out of the card.

There can be no doubt that, if Mr Pearce was doing his job, he would have heard the same level of distress and concern from voters in North West Tasmania.

Ms Archer’s empty words won’t change a thing unless she crosses the floor and votes with Labor against the Government’s cashless debit card legislation.

While Ms Archer is all talk and no action on the cashless debit card Mr Pearce’s response has been to simply run and hide.

One can only gauge from his silence that he agrees with the compulsory roll-out of the card.

So far, just like Scott Morrison, Ms Archer has shown the people of Bass she is all announcement and no delivery whereas Mr Pearce has just remained silent in the hope the problem will go away.

Tasmanians have been loud and clear that they don’t want the cashless debit card here.

Gavin Pearce was elected by the people of Braddon.  He needs to come clean with them and tell them what his view is on the cashless debit card and how he will vote.